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Danny Sleeping

Status Update: Danny

It has been a while since we have updated the blog about Danny, and quite a bit has happened.  First, Danny is taking a new experimental medication called Tasigna to ensure that the Leukemia does not return.  Second,  Danny now is required to make monthly trips to MD Anderson in Houston to see his transplant […]


Shark Cartilage & Cancer

Did you know that sharks have a greater resistance to cancer than any other organism? According to a study Shark Cartilage contains a substance that stops the development of a new blood cell network and thus inhibits tumor growth. (The drug Avastin is supposed to act by cutting off a tumor’s blood supply aka angiogenesis.) […]

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New study: Avastin doesn't work for newly diagnosed glioblastoma stage 4 patients

Results We Expected- Avastin Sucks

Doctors from MD Anderson have finally decided to comment about the efficacy ( or rather lack there of) of the drug Avastin when given to newly diagnosed glioblastoma stage 4 patients.  Avastin does not work.  In fact, it adds to toxicity.  So why are doctors still insisting that patients diagnosed with glioblastoma stage 4 take […]


There is Life After Cancer!